Horse Flame® Little Artemis 4.6kW Wood Burning Defra Stove (HF277-SE)

The 'Defra approved' clean burning Little Artemis is a compact version of one of Britain and Ireland’s most popular cast iron stoves – the Artemis. It has all the striking good looks of its best-selling big brother, but yet still packs a powerful punch when it comes to heat output. Being little, makes it the ideal solution for the smaller room and fireplace, as well as today’s well-insulated home, where a little heat can go a very long way. Big stove features include a superior Airwash system to keep the glass crystal clear throughout virtually any type of burn cycle and a multi fuel grate for your choice of fuel. Weighing in with some 83kg of premium quality cast iron means that it excels at releasing its stored heat long after its fire has gone out so that it's the ideal choice for extended heating through the small hours. The Defra approved Little Artemis wood burner– the hot favourite for home owners looking for a traditional cast iron stove that’s not only practical and economic to run but also represents truly outstanding value for money. 

• CE Tested in the UK by Kiwa GasTec 
• Officially listed Defra smoke exempt appliance
• Nominal Ouput 4.6kW / 15,670BTU
• Mean Efficiency – wood 75%
• Mean CO emissions 0.25%
• Air wash system to keep glass clear
• Primary and secondary air controls
• Multi fuel grate with external riddler
• Rear or top flue outlet 5” / 125mm
• Log length 10” / 250mm
• Stove net weight 83kg
• Dimensions (mm) H555 W414 D345

The Little Artemis has been tested for use in Smoke Control Areas and has been Recommended as a Defra approved stove for Exemption under Section 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993.
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