Graphite Inset Convector Multi-Fuel Stove

Matt Black
Matt Black
Matt black finish.
Black Enamel
Black Enamel
Black enamel finish.
Brown Enamel
Brown Enamel
Brown enamel finish.
Ivory Enamel
Ivory Enamel
Ivory enamel finish.
Pewter Enamel
Pewter Enamel
Pewter enamel finish.
Crackle Grey Enamel
Crackle Grey Enamel
Crackle grey enamel finish.
Wood Burning
  • Nominal Heat Output: 4.9 kW (Wood)
  • Test Duration (approx): 0.86 hrs
  • Efficiency (net): 87.6%
  • Mean CO Emission (at 13%): 0.44
  • Mean Flue Gas Temperature: 182ºC
  • Flue Gas Mass Flow: 2.6 g/s
Ancit (mineral fuel)
  • Nominal Heat Output: 6.9 kW
  • Test Duration (approx): 1.12 hrs
  • Efficiency (net): 77.2%
  • Mean CO Emission (at 13%): 0.01
  • Mean Flue Gas Temperature: 287ºC
  • Flue Gas Mass Flow: 6.3 g/s

Stove controls & features
  1. Primary Air Control Air which enters under the
    grate for multi fuel burning and to help get a wood
    fire started (slide to the right to fully open).
  2. Secondary Air Control Air which enters at the top
    of the fire chamber to ensure a cleaner burn and
    effective wood burning (slide to the right to open).
  3. Airwash System Part of the secondary air control
    system which diverts hot air down along the front of
    the glass to burn off unwanted sooty particulates and
    help keep it clean.
  4. External Riddler When burning mineral fuels
    move the riddler knob backwards and forwards to
    rotate the riddling grate and clear the ash.
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